Mayor Steven Fulop, Respect The First Amendment And Return Our News Boxes

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He could have at least left us a ransom note. But, no, all we got was a lousy tweet. Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has been purging the streets of newspapers, from AM New York to Metro, El Especialito to The Indypendent. "We have 240 [news boxes] so far w/more to do," Fulop wrote on Twitter on Monday, June 4.

At a time when the free press is the subject of near-constant derision from President Trump, Fulop has taken it upon himself to go a step further, combing Jersey City for newspaper dispensers and impounding them without warning.

On two occasions the Supreme Court has ruled that the distribution of printed materials through news boxes in public places is protected under the First Amendment: City of Lakewood v. Plain Dealer Publishing Co., Cincinnati v. Discovery Network, Inc. Mayor Fulop has taken it upon himself to unilaterally deprive the people of Jersey City of their right to access the free flow of news and information.

We demand the return of all confiscated news boxes and an end to Steven Fulop's reckless disregard for the First Amendment. At a moment when authoritarian values hold sway at the highest levels of our national government, we must repudiate unconstitutional abuses of power by local officials as well.