Jerry Reinsdorf: Chicago Bulls (NBA) - Fire John Paxson, Gar Forman, Jim Boylen

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The Chicago Bulls have been an embarrassment of a large market NBA franchise.  John Paxson and Gar Forman have been general managers and front office employees of Bulls for 17 years.  In those years the Bulls have had 10 head coaches and numerous attempts at rebuilding team to championship level.  Paxson has been given abundant attempts in his position but has yet to field a team and culture to return to relevance.  He continues to blame an injury from 9 years ago as reason Bulls are floundering in NBA purgatory.  Paxson has physically threatened coaches and has not shown general knowledge on how to be creative with player movement.  The Bulls are showing decreased attendance to games and have dropped in merchandise.  Overall, there are many displeased fans that is worsening over the years and there needs to be a change.  Sign this petition to show support as a Chicago Bulls and NBA fan to remove John Paxson and his front office mate from their roles.  
In addition, Jim Boylen is the WORST coach in the NBA.  He pushes words such as spirit into his players but he does not know how to manage a game or manage player minutes.  
This regime of Bulls management NEEDS to go.  Sign this petition to show the Reinsdorfs the extent of Bulls anger!