Tell Jerry to Stop the Murderer from Being Paroled

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Deede Buchanan Keller

Devoted single mother of two (24 hours a day), respected Real Estate agent by day and dedicated animal rescuer every other moment of her being.

In 2004, Erwin Percy Howard admitted to murdering Deede Buchanan Keller in a plea agreement in what the Defense argued was a “crime of passion”.   However, the subsequent cover-up and act of stuffing her body in the trunk of HER OWN CAR, driving that car to an adjacent city and abandoning it required extensive planning and premeditation on the part of Mr. Howard.  Not to mention fleeing to his native Bolivia shortly after abandoning her car.   This murder was so egregious that even Dateline NBC devoted a six-part story entirely to this murder.


Deede’s life was prematurely cut short, but a dog park in her honor still serves the residents of El Segundo, California. As adjudicated under California law, Mr. Howard pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years-to-life in prison with the ability to seek parole.  

But that’s not where this story ends. The children, growing up without a parent, were promised that every time Mr. Howard would be eligible for parole, they would be notified.   THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!  Again, the system failed the family due to a pro-criminal provision in the California Penal Code.  

The State of California ridiculously requires victims of violent crime to "opt-in" instead of "opt-out" for notification of parole hearings for the related offenders.  In this case, Howard sailed through a parole suitability hearing unopposed and unbeknownst to Deede's children, friends, and family.

Now Governor Jerry Brown is considering granting Mr. Howard parole.   We can't bring back Deede, but putting this murderer back on the streets of LA isn't an option.  The family, friends, colleagues and others in the animal rescue community have created this petition requesting Governor Jerry Brown refuse parole for the degenerate Mr. Howard.  Deede will never be eligible for parole.