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Stop the Export of Billions of Gallons of California's Water to Asia!

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Hi, my name is Kip Andersen and I'm a filmmaker from San Francisco, CA.

California is experiencing one of its worst droughts on record and I do what I can to conserve water and educate my friends and neighbors about it. 

When I learned that the fracking industry - despite the drought - used 70  million gallons of water last year alone, I was stunned. When I learned that the Nestlé bottled water corporation is taking hundreds of millions of gallons of California's water to sell it back to the population, I got angry. But, when I learned that animal agriculture in California is using a staggering amount of 4.8 trillion gallons per year, I was shocked! So shocked indeed, that I made a film about it.

I couldn't believe that the meat and dairy industry accounts for 47% of California's water footprint, yet no one is trying to regulate this thirsty industry!

But here is the most painful truth: California exports 100 billion gallons of water in the form of alfalfa every year to Asia for meat and dairy production!

Governor Jerry Brown has declared a drought emergency for the state of California. California residents have been asked to be vigilant and cut back on household water use, but only about 5% of California’s water footprint is individual, personal use. This will not help solve the severe problem that we're all facing!

Join me in asking Governor Jerry Brown to hold the meat and dairy industry responsible for its tremendous water usage and STOP THE EXPORT OF 100 BILLION GALLONS OF CALIFORNIA'S WATER TO ASIA.

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