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Rescue dogs from a horrible fate

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          As we all know many individuals consider Dogfighting an underground “sport” but is it really a sport and if it is a sport why is it done underground? This sport is consider underground because it is illegal and animal cruelty. “Sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” Dogfighting is a bloody “sport” where people force dogs to fight for money. The owners are the ones who receive the most benefit when their dog wins the fight. Dog fighting is not a sport; it is animal cruelty because these dogs are being abused by their owners by not giving them the proper care they need. Fighting dogs are not aware of their surroundings, so, with this being said, these dogs are conditioned and force to fight. According to Help Stop the Dogfighting, states, “An average of 16,000 dogs of different breeds are killed during or after their fight and the number continues to increase yearly.” Fighting dogs are similar to us humans but we do not realize what we have in common. For example, they have feelings just like we do, they care for their owner and litters. They are trained at an early age to become the “best” fighter, and many individuals are not aware of how a dog can benefit us in the long run. Fighting dogs are very intelligent and loveable. As a community we should come together to create awareness so that every individual can contribute to stop dog fighting.
          All fighting dogs should be taken as pets because they protect, care, and love us for who we are. According to, “The dogs who are most commonly breed for fighting are generally known as “pit bulls”: Staffordshire terriers, American bulldogs, and American pit bull terriers.” Interestingly enough, pitbulls are the number one dog breed currently used for fighting but back in the 1980s, people considered the dogs perfect for taking care of kids; in fact, they would be considered as “nanny dogs” for children. These dogs are capable of taking care their owner and their litters as well, but media came along and started to portray pit bulls as bad, unattractive creatures. According to Brain Scans Shows Striking Similarities Between Dogs and Humans, “ The present study didn’t look at that, but the researchers noted earlier observations of common patterns in human and canine vocalizations. When dogs signal positive emotions, their barks come in short bursts, not unlike human laughter; when they’re upset, the barks are deeper and longer, a bit like moans. ‘There are these acoustic rules that convey emotional information, and they seem to be common to species,’ Andics said.” These dogs have a very similar way of thinking and showing what they are made of. They are emotional, loving, caring animals that need a safe, warm home. Dog fighting needs to stop because it is cruel for the animals and it is also illegal for the dog owners to profit from these animals that due to their vicious behavior can attack anyone who is not their owner.
          The owners, dispose of these poor dogs once the dog is no longer useful. According to, “When they were no longer useful to fight organizers, they were wet down and electrocuted, hanged, beaten, drowned, shot, slammed against the ground, or killed in some other atrocious manner.” These owners do not have any mercy towards those poor dogs who are no longer functional. They no longer have interest in the dog which leads to them getting rid of them in a cruel way. To the owners, a fighting dog is no longer useful when they cannot provide a fight so that the audience can gamble. The holder of the dog cannot take their useless dog to a shelter because the shelter will start asking many questions that the owner cannot answer. As a community we need to come together and expose these criminals partaking in Dog Fighting and rescue the dogs from a horrible fate.
          These dogs are selected as puppies and are conditioned to what dog-fighters refer to as “gameness.” When dogs come to these types of environments the dogs either adapt, or if not the owners force the dogs by using violence. To get these dogs big they first get them into a process, according to The Growing and Disturbing Problem of Dog Fighting, which states, “Dogs are given vitamins, supplements and drugs to condition them for or to incite them to fight. Commonly utilized vitamins, supplements, and drugs include: iron/liver extract; vitamin B-12; Provim; Magnum supplement; hormones (testosterone, Propionate, Repotest, Probolic Oil); weight-gain supplements; creatine monohydrate; speed; steroids (Winstrol V, Dinabol, Equipose); and cocaine.” Putting all these elements into the bodies of the dogs alters their DNA and increases health complications. All this is done so human beings can profit from the dogs fights.
          People need to understand that these dogs can be a man’s best friend. They are loyal, kind, understanding and beautiful in their own way. All these dogs need is affection and someone to take care of them. Is that really hard to understand? According to From animals to Airports-How Dogs Are Helping People and saving Lives, “Today, dogs of all breeds play a crucial role in the rescue team, working closely with humans handlers to locate people trapped after earthquakes, floods, and other disasters.” These dogs can be more beneficial to us if we treat them right instead of making them fight for money. Not only can they save lives but also comfort us when we are feeling isolated. Dogs can listen to many of our problems without criticizing us which in a way reduces the way we might be feeling. According to the previous article, “While not every dog has the ability to locate explosives or detect cancer with their nose, they all have one thing in common: the ability to bond with humans in a way that changes our lives in an incredible manner.” To many of us, it is a bond that cannot be broken or replaced because it is a bond that cannot be explained. The way we view things can have an impact of us. For example, a dog can bring us a ton of happiness if we see it in a positive perspective. These dogs can be very good to the community and ourselves. Let’s save these dogs from having to a sad, depressing, and horrible life to a bright future for both.
          As a community we need to come together to stop animal cruelty. We should come together to make Dog fighting more public so that we can become more aware of this problem. By making this public, people will eventually help stop animal cruelty and we will get more involved in the community. People should be fine for 3,500 dollars and two nights in jail without no bail. No animal should be suffering because their owner is irresponsible and commits illegal activities. Keep in mind that we have the power to make a difference.

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