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Protect Medicinal Cannabis in California's Central Valley!

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Citizens of the World

The central valley of California is a basin of agricultural exports, fruits, nuts, and vegetables that go to far, far away places. Brothers and Sisters, Cannabis is Agriculture. The central valley of California should not turn its back on Mother Nature’s most effective medicinal plant.

The Sisters of the Valley are at work making healing medicines out of non-psychotropic CBD plants. Our vision was born in Merced. Our mission was born in Merced. Our business was born in Merced and today, we are happy to be going to the Merced post office every day to ship teas, salves and tinctures to pain and illness victims around the world.

Because Governor Brown gave all the cities and towns across California the opportunity to adopt their own legislation by March 1st or, live with the legislation the state puts in place, cities and counties across California are panicking and in order to ‘retain sovereignty’, they are simply banning cannabis use, cannabis cultivation, they are, essentially, turning patients into criminals.  We can’t let that happen to Merced County. We cannot let this happen to the Central Valley, but it has already begun. Just a week or so ago, the city of Turlock met and outlawed cannabis in city limits. Outlawed it! Just last week, our own City Planning Commission admittedly intended to recommend to the City of Merced that a complete ban be enacted here.

Why do they want that, one must wonder? Especially from our viewpoint, a group of women making high CBD non-psychotropic medicines that are in such high demand that every batch sells out? We are bringing badly needed revenues from outside the county, into the county. We are paying badly needed sales tax revenues. And there are many others, like us, working in the chain to supply Mother Earth’s children with Mother Earth’s finest medicine.

The Central Valley deserves its place at the lead of commerce and research in cannabis and I urge you to get on board with understanding and regulating the cultivation, product-making, and distribution. There is a tremendous tax opportunity and there is no evidence to support the idea (put forth by local law enforcement) that medical cannabis businesses increase crime. As a citizen of the central valley, I want you to know that we want this. We want all patients to have safe access and we want home-grown businesses to flourish.

Please do this soon as the Merced City Council is voting on this issue on January 19th. Be heard. Send letters. Make calls. Contact us if you want to help go door to door to get businesses to sign these letters. Contact us if you can help.

Many blessings,
Sister Kate

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