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Pardon Brandon Hein

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Brandon Hein was a childhood friend of mine and many others in the small town of Newbury Park.  Towards the end of our senior year in high school Brandon was involved in a tragic event where a teenager was accidentally killed in a fight.  The prosecutions misuse of the felony murder rule gave almost everyone who was at the fight life in prison even though only one teenager wielded the knife that inflicted the deadly wound.

  • Brandon was never a violent person and certainly more peaceful than most of us.
  • He's served over 20 years in prison for being witness to manslaughter.
  • The prosecution acted inappropriately and made Brandon pay an unfair punishment for potlitical reasons.
  • Brandon's pardon from prison will be the beginning of the real healing that has yet to happen
  • Brandon will make the world a better place by being outside of the prison walls.

Brandon comes up for a parole hearing on September 21, 2016.  Please act swiftly and spread the word to all you know who care about justice.  You know the expression "Two wrongs don't make a right".  This is what has happened here.  The first wrong was to Jimmy Farris who was tragically killed over the most inconsequential set of circumstances.  The second wrong was to Brandon for putting him behind bars because he was friends with the perpetrator.  We have the chance to fix the second wrong and start the healing process that is long overdue.  Please read my letter to get more facts about the case.


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