National Concha Day - December 8

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Conchas are a festive and delicious type of sweet bread, or pan dulce, synonymous with Mexican culture. There are many varieties of pan dulce, however, conchas are widely recognized as the queen of all Mexican pan dulce.  

Over the centuries, conchas have become an important part of Mexican culture and traditions. Generations have eaten them during family meals, celebrations and holidays, such as Dia de los Muertos and Christmas.  As such, conchas have become synonymous with family, friendship and good times.  

In recent years, conchas have crossed over into American pop culture and are often used as powerful and iconic symbols of Mexican culture.  Stylized concha images can be seen adorning clothing, jewelry and as part of decorative artwork.

The creation of a "National Concha Day" would be a fun and exciting way to honor the Mexican pastry and its culture. Such a day would not only bring smiles to people's faces, but also create cultural awareness of our customs and traditions.

December 8th, also known as Dia de la Concepcion, would be the perfect day to celebrate "National Concha Day".  In Mexican culture, the name Concepcion is often shortened to the nickname "Concha".  As such, this date would be the most appropriate day to celebrate!