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The 2017 California Wildfires are an unprecedented and compounding disaster, and many homeowners are finding themselves vastly underinsured.  This underinsured crisis is projected to be billions of dollars in insurance coverage shortfall for fire victims in the State of California.   Solutions to this crisis can only be addressed from an understanding of the causes.

When the policies were written, it was expected that the homeowner understood the cost of construction in their local market.  The average homeowner has no way of understanding what the potential costs are to rebuild, so the insurance company representatives typically fill in a value on the policy using company provided software.  In a typical policy, there is no guidance given to the homeowner and the automatically populated cost approach is often not based on fact and is often entirely outdated.  Even though that replacement number usually comes from the insurance company, homeowners find themselves stuck with significant insurance gaps when they desperately need it.  In the majority of cases, had the insured been guided correctly the homeowner would have no problem paying increases in the premium.

Insurance companies place advertisements claiming things like “Coverage Gap Protection” or “Extended Coverage Protection” in the event of a disaster.  When in reality the base coverage is set way too low and the insurance companies know this. They are in the home replacement business, and surely, they understand the actual costs to replace a home in each market.  This tactic saves them billions of dollars and will leave the homeowner stuck with the problem.  This practice needs to stop immediately! 

United Policy Holders posted on their website that they conducted a survey for a recent Supreme Court case.  In that survey, they found that "nearly 75% of disaster victims were underinsured".  Further, this has been a problem since 1991.  The underinsured crisis began to hit full stride in 2003 and 14 years later it is worse than ever.  Where are our elected politicians on this matter?  Why aren’t they doing anything about it?  We intend to find out!

January 17, 2018, Lawmakers introduced a bill package that would greatly help fire victims for future fires and disasters leaving the ten of thousands that have already suffered because of underinsuring in the cold.  If our legislators can not help then perhaps the Attorney General can.  We take our fight where ever it needs to go to correct this injustice.

Attorney's are clamoring at the opportunity to sue the insurance companies or PG&E on behalf of the fire victims.  Those attorneys will get 33%-40% of their claim money.  Don’t give up that money!

We need your voices!  This is winnable!  While we are just getting started, we intend to put heavy pressure on the State Insurance Commissioner, politicians at all levels, and the insurance carriers to demand immediate relief and permanent reform for the future. Please sign our petition and help spread the word to everyone you know that was affected along with your friends and families.  There is strength in numbers and the only way to bring about change is through an outcry of the people. Let’s help get fire victims the relief they deserve immediately and protect our families and communities in future disasters.

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