Grant Commutation for Barbara Lynn Chavez

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Hello! My name is Jalyssa Richardson and I am the daughter of Barbara Chavez. Please take the time to read and sign this pettion for my mother's well deserved freedom.

The person that was arrested for a crime she was involved with 15 years ago, is now a completely transformed woman. The law says that when 2 or more people conspire to commit a crime, in this case it was robbery, anything that happens after that-all parties involved are held accountable. My mom agreed to provide a ride to receive some payment from the robbery. 

She was only 22 years old, the age I am now. Just becoming a single mother, had little education, no money, and 2 children to take care of: I'd say she was desperate. At this time in my mother's life she was a beauty school student in need of a babysitter and allowed a girl to come stay with her and in exchange she would babysit my brother and I. This girl was involved in a crowd that often made poor choices but in my mom's ignorance and desparation she allowed her to come and live with us. 

April 9, 1996 my mother was going to give her older sister a ride to Ridgecrest, Ca, where she lived. The babysitter asked if her and a friend could come for the ride. This is when the attempted robbery took place. As the attempted robbery was about to take place, my mother backed out and began running back to the car. As she was heading back she heard a gunshot and a scream. Shortly after making it back to the car, the 2 others returned also. One year later they were all rounded up, deals were offered, and many stories were told to the police. Being a naive young girl and ignorant of the law my mother refused to testify or accept a deal. Of course she would not have thought she would receive such a hard sentence since the police knew who was present in the store and pulled the trigger. And yet this young woman received life without the possibilty of parole. 

Now here we are, nearly 16 years later.

She is still incarcerated and still fighting for freedom. My mother is a dramatically changed woman who despite the horrific situation she's in, has become a rehabilitated and incredible person. Truly a caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis. My brothers and myself have suffered the terrible loss of an incredible woman. We have grown up and endured but we are ready for her to be returned to us. She has proven to be the exact opposite of what the law says about her. She has accomplished many levels of education, mentored many women, created and participated in peace programs, became a certified counselor, and has received certificates in various skills/jobs. Along with all of those accomplishments, my mother has never once, in almost 16 years, received any form of punishment for bad behavior of any kind. Proof she is now to be considered an asset to society versus the liability she once was. I believe Barbara (CDCR #W82460) , my mom, deserves a second chance to seek parole. She will be surrounded by a supportive community who can help guide her to a positive new phase of her life.

Barbaras Lynn Chavez's commutation log # is COM-1961-14. I urge you to commute Barbara's life without parole sentence and allow her the opportunity to show the Board of Parole that she is fully prepared to come back home.

Through God's wonderful grace and undersereved mercy this butterfly has been unleashed. Now we rely on His goodness to see our prayers aswered and have her in our arms, seeing her grandchildren grow up, and being a part of our adult lives.

"I am a victim of my own poor choices. I have worked hard accepting the oppurtunity offered me within these walls. You see, prison is either a tomb or a womb. I chose to view it as the latter." -Barbara Chavez

Please assist me in making this dream and hope of my family, become a reality by signing this petition. May God's good and perfect will be done.

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