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Ban Horse Racing in California

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For centuries, Horse Racing has been the center of aristocratic gambling. Today, the sophistication and glamour of Horse Racing still hold true to American tradition. But behind the glittering façade of horse racing is a barbaric sport that promotes the public torture and execution of innocent animals in the name of financial win. Two or three-year old, underdeveloped racehorses are sold and entered in one of two types of legal, purgatory racing. Flat racing is perhaps the most common- and coincidentally, the oldest- type of Horse Racing in the world. In a flat race, horses race on a level, oval-shaped track for a predetermined distance. Archaeologists and Historians alike have concluded that Flat Racing dates back to Ancient Greece and Babylon, only further proving its barbaric nature. Horses are, more often than not, beaten by the jockey's whip in an attempt to keep the horse moving at impeccable speed despite exhaustion. Racehorses are not strangers to immense psychological and physical damage caused by the whip- in fact, over 86% of Flat Race injuries are a direct result of whipping. 

Jumps Racing (sometimes called Steeplechase) is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of Horse Racing. In a Jumps Race, horses run a significantly greater distance than the flat race. In order to avoid severe mutilation or death, horses must clear an obstacle course with extreme accuracy and speed- a feat tremendously difficult for a horse battling the fatigue of high speed, potential pre-existing injuries, and poor judgement of capability by the jockey. In a jumps race, there is a 1 out of 10 chance of injury, and 1 in 150 chance of death-on-site for the horse. 

Contrary to popular belief, however, the the race itself is not the primary source of the abuse of a racehorse- the industry that breeds and raises potential racehorses provide a life of torment for the animal, from conception to death.Broodmares used for birthing racehorses are adjusted hormonally by breeders in order to ensure maximum possible race training time. Mares- female horses, that is- are injected drugs such as  prostaglandins- synthetic hormone-like compounds that are used to prematurely induce labor. Babies are often born prematurely, and preferably as close to the first of August each year in order to guarantee the longest possible training season. A mare will reach fertility approximately four weeks after giving birth- although her reproductive organs still healing from the birth of the initial foal, she is, for lack of a better term, raped, and forcibly impregnated by the resident stallion. The initial foals are weaned from their mothers after 3-5 months, or as soon as the dam has given birth to the following foal. 

At two years old, the foal has already begun its race training career, often implementing significant harm on its underdeveloped skeletal frame. Two-year old racehorses are sold anywhere from $20,000 to millions of dollars in profit. The sad reality, however, is that for every thousand two-year olds sold for racing, only three hundred of them will ever set hoof on the track. So, what happens to the rest of them? Racehorses that do not sell for significant enough profit or fail to perform up to par are sent to knackeries and slaughterhouses to be killed and processed for pet food. Broodmares and Stallions alike, after contributing financially-interested pedigree, are sent to the slaughterhouse to prevent future owners from duplicating such remarkable bloodlines in a foal. Furthermore, most foals, as a result of premature birth due to hormone injections, are born with severe birth defects, and are immediately slaughtered. While United States law prohibits human consumption or sale of horse meat, there still remains a large industry of exporting "retired" Thoroughbreds to countries such as France, Italy, and Japan. In Australia alone, 18,000 ex-race horses are sent to the slaughter house each year. Often, horses wait in a long line to be slaughtered, and are killed, one by one, in front of one another. The withdrawal of racehorses by means of slaughter is what is commonly referred to in the racing industry as 'wastage'. Racehorse owners who are opposed to the cruelty of the slaughterhouse simply do away with underperforming racehorses in the comfort of their own stable, often to spare the embarrassment of having to explain the pre-existing conditions of the horse upon arriving at the slaughterhouse.

It is our responsibility to voice our opposition of the barbaric sport of horseracing. The racing and slaughter industries go hand in hand. Put an end to the public torture and execution of innocent race horses by vowing never to attend a horse race or bet money on an animal's life.

No business = No industry.

The first step in banning Horse Racing in the United States is beginning state by state. Please join me to reach my goal in 5,000 signatures to beg Governor Jerry Brown ban horse racing in California and help put the Del Mar, Santa Clarita, Fresno, Pomona, Albany, and Los Alamitos tracks out of business. 

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