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Ask Yelp to stop deleting reviews that identify businesses who are trophy hunters

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 Lately, American business owners and doctors have been exposed for traveling to Africa and slaughtering exotic animals. Not only are these hunts unethical to the majority of society, but some have been proven to be illegally performed. 

As patrons to these businesses, we have the right to know whether or not the business owners and practitioners are taking part in this cruel and disturbing activity. Many of us would not want to be seen by a Dr who would take the life of an exotic animal for sport. 

Often times we are putting our lives in these peoples hands with the assumption that they are ethical and represent a high moral standard. Information on how some of these people kill for the joy of killing )with no regard for the lives of these majestic animals) is important to many of when evaluating which practitioner we would choose to see.

Yelp has been pivotal in helping many of us to make these difficult decisions. Lately, as some of these wild game hunters have been exposed in the press, people have posted reviews on these practitioner's websites to warn other Yelp users of the real "people" behind the business. Yelp has been removing these reviews.

Please, join me in asking Yelp to stop removing reviews that identify these Drs as wild game hunters. Us Yelpers deserve to know as many of us would not visit their business if we knew this. Yelp, stand up and do your part! 

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