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Take a stand against child abuse

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Jeremy Spencer: a child-abuser unworthy of your support

STOP the Jeremy Spencer USA tour

We the undersigned are appalled to learn that notorious child molester Jeremy Spencer, who left Fleetwood Mac to join the Children of God cult, will be touring the United States this year to solicit financial support from the public to fund the production of his new album.  

We urge the organizers and supporters of the Jeremy Spencer Tour to take a stand against child abuse and to immediately cancel the Jeremy Spencer Tour.  We urge those who have pledged financial support to consider whether giving money to a child molester and child pornographer is the best use of their financial resources.

Jeremy Spencer left Fleetwood Mac in 1971 to join The Children of God (now known as The Family International), a cult founded by pedophile David Berg that was responsible for widespread and systematic abuse of thousands of its children. Jeremy Spencer played a central part in this abusive cult for decades and the fact that he has sexually assaulted children and participated in the production and distribution of child pornography has been well documented.  

In published statements, books, sworn affidavits, and court testimony (in legal cases in the United Kingdom and Argentina), a number of people, including one of his own children, have publicly accused Jeremy Spencer of sexually assaulting them when they were children.  

In 1995 during a child custody case in the United Kingdom, Lord Justice Ward noted that Jeremy Spencer sexually abused his own daughter and the granddaughter of cult founder David Berg while at the Music with Meaning commune, which Justice Ward described as a “particularly corrupt and corrupting organisation” that Spencer “played a central part in.”   

While at Music with Meaning, Spencer also participated in the production and distribution of pornographic videos created for and distributed to David Berg and other members of the cult.  Many of the videos also included sexual performances by young children.  In one video tape, Spencer appears on camera having sexual intercourse, while in another scene, his own daughter appears performing a strip-tease dance distributed for the gratification of the group's adult members.

We urge you to join us and take a stand today against child abuse and sign our petition to cancel the Jeremy Spencer tour.

Sarah Gill (Director, Safe Passage Foundation)

Peter Frouman (Director, Safe Passage Foundation)

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xFamily.org: Jeremy Spencer



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Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 315 supporters!

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