STOP Government Sanctioned WOMBAT CULLING

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STOP Government Sanctioned WOMBAT CULLING

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Jeremy Rockliff (Deputy Premier of Tasmania) and

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Started by Wombat Warriors

The Honourable Jeremy Rockliff

We are asking you to please "Stop the Wombat Cull".

During such a perilous time for the future of the species, the culling of healthy wombats causes far more problems than it solves. As you are already aware, hundreds of wombats are dying an excruciating death from sarcoptic mange and in many regions of Tasmania the wombats are now gone. Volunteers are fighting to save wombats afflicted with this insidious disease with effective treatments but it is soul destroying that healthy wombats are being shot unnecessarily while we try to save the species.

These beautiful creatures have such a slow breeding cycle that to issue licences to cull them places them in grave danger of being completely wiped out.

We are asking you, no we are begging you on behalf of one of the most loved native animals in the country to stop the issue of licences to cull wombats.

We are sure that like us you don’t want to tell your children and your grandchildren that you once had the power to protect and save a species but chose instead to allow this to happen on your watch.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, please act before it is too late, the fate of our wombats lies in your hands.
Wombat Warriors

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This petition had 38,852 supporters

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