Ban the contraceptive pill Rigevidon in the UK

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I am a 24 year old woman who nearly lost her life in December 2016 due to taking the contraceptive pill Rigevidon. The reason why I am starting this petition is because I know of many people who are still being prescribed this contraceptive pill despite the influx of young girls and women like myself suffering from deadly blood clots as a consequence. 

I hadn’t felt well for some time and kept returning back to my local GP. Then a few weeks before Christmas I genuinely felt like I was about to die; I couldn’t keep awake and I couldn’t even walk around the house. I went back to my GP approximately 3 times in a week when they diagnosed me with pneumonia. I was prescribed antibiotics but then 2 days later I woke up coughing up a large amount of fresh blood. I went to A&E where I was very nearly sent home due to ‘looking well’ and it most likely being a nasty infection. After getting a second opinion, they opted to run some tests and it was only then that they discovered I had multiple blood clots in my lung which would have most likely killed me should I not have been treated that day.

After a year of tests, doctors have concluded that this was a result of taking the contraceptive pill Rigevidon. Doctors told me that I was statistically 1 in 1,000,000 to suffer a pulmonary embolism at my age but I believe that blood clots as a result of this contraceptive pill are a lot more common than that. Exactly a week before it happened a family friend who is a similar age suffered from a massive blood clot in her leg as a consequence of also taking Rigevidon. The fact that I know someone close to home who has also been through a similar thing as a result of being prescribed Rigevidon indicates that it is a lot more common than one may think. There are women who have tragically lost their lives as a result of taking this contraception due to suffering from blood clots. 

It absolutely horrifies me to think that this contraceptive pill is still being prescribed by the NHS. It is known as being one of the ‘cheaper’ contraceptive pills available but when that results in lives being lost and young women like myself having their lives completely turned upside down through their recovery, it really isn’t worth it. The side effects from this specific pill are not safe and fortunately I am one of the lucky ones. That is why I am taking it upon myself to fight for change. Women deserve better than to have their life potentially ended or ruined by Rigevidon. I plead with Jeremy Hunt to take this matter seriously and ban this specific brand of contraceptive pill in the UK.

If the horrendous experience that I have been through over the past 18 months can help even just one other woman, then it will have been worth it.

One life is one too many for the sake of a cheap and unnecessary contraceptive pill when there are much safer alternatives available. 

Thank you,