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Vote with your conscience - the EU is a coup against democracy and the working classes

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Dear Mr Corbyn,

You, more than anyone else, have a duty to campaign and vote to leave the EU on June 23rd. You represent the left. You have the influence to save democracy and socialism, and it is with horror and surprise that we watch you turn your back.

The EU is hostile to democracy. It is deliberately set up in a way that puts its leadership beyond any democratic election. The European Commission, the executive body of the EU, the government of the EU, is appointed, not elected, and it cannot be removed by elections. Its 28 members make laws and trade deals, and decide foreign policies, without being in any way accountable to the people of Europe. It does not represent us, it does not serve us, we do not elect it; but it has power over us.

The EU is anti-labour. The "four pillars" which the EU claims to be built on - the Free Movement of Goods, Capital, Services, and People - are the conditions for a situation in which workers have no bargaining power and big businesses can drive wages down by using migrant work forces - or actually importing them (under the EU Posted Workers' Directive). So if a business is unable to exploit the workers in a particular country, it can bring in workers from elsewhere and exploit them. Those who prosper are the big businesses. The poorer countries in the EU suffer from a drain of workers and of professionals, including doctors.

The next treaty to be signed by the EU on our behalf is to be the TTIP, which will give businesses the right to sue democratically elected governments. It will mean that governments will no longer be able to make laws, bring in taxes, set standards, or grant subsidies, in the interest of the people, without being under threat of prosecution by multinational corporations. It will open the gate to the privatisation of public services, including the NHS. And EU rules on state aid make it difficult for countries to nationalise public services once they have been privatised.

The EU operates in the interests of big business at the expense of the working classes. It is an attempt by the political class to bypass the will of the people, to govern without elections, and so far it has been successful.

I am twenty years old. I do not want my generation and my children's generation to grow up not knowing democracy, not expecting to elect their governments. And I do not want them to think of a socialist movement as something that can be compatible with the exploitation of the workers at the hands of corporations. What is the good of having the kind of Labour Party that you might be trying to shape if there is no democracy, and if our government has no power? Mr Corbyn, nothing is more important than saving for the people their right to determine their own future - democracy. It cannot be done later; it has to be done now.

Brendan Kjellberg-Motton

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