Stop Pharmacy apprenticeships destroying the profession and increasing burden on the nhs

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The employer led proposal to introduce apprenticeships to train up pharmacists, is both short sighted and farcical.

The proposal tries to find a solution to a problem, which doesn't exist. There is currently a surplus in pharmacists across the profession and pharmacists are on the wrong end of the supply vs demand situation. Locum pharmacists have seen a 30% drop in wages over the last decade while cost of living and inflation has increased.

Apart from that there are a multitude of issues in regards to the proposal. The pharmacy degree is a broad qualification, and it's adherents are more than just experts on medication. They are health care professionals, with vast knowledge on health care.

This can be seen by the new roles in which pharmacists are thriving, such as advanced clinical practitioners, prescribing pharmacists and various roles across the primary and secondary care sectors. The proposal doesn't explain how this would be addressed. 

Apprenticeships don't lend themselves well to this sort of qualification, apprenticeships are good for less fluid crafts and skills. And pharmacy as a whole requires alot more theoretical learning than that of which an apprenticeship can provide.

This proposal if successful could possibly produce lower calibre pharmacists, who would then work across different sectors including primary and secondary care. And any substandard performance could lead to deterioration of confidence in pharmacists from other healthcare professionals aswell as the general public. 

The proposal only benefits big chain corporate pharmacy chains, who rely on volume to generate revenue. This simply doesn't work in other sectors of healthcare, a substandard workforce would potentially mean increased work load on primary and secondry care. The exact opposite of what all stake holders bar the pharmaceutical companies want.

Ultimately this decision would harm everyone (patients, pharmacists, other health care professionals etc). It only benefits the multiples.

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