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Revoke Tony Blair's membership of the Labour Party.

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Recently, we've heard from Tony Blair on outlets like #Ridge on Sky News, we've heard him have 'sympathy' for Theresa May and previously claim he didn't support Labour in its current form, then declaring his support for Corbyn after outrage from Labour members. In 2003, he took Britain into an illegal war and ruined the lives of millions in Iraq which has contributed, in part, to a rise in global terrorism. Britain under his premiership failed to such a point that he had to hand over to Gordon Brown, who lost the General Election of 2010 with people's memories fresh with the experience of 'Blairite' Britain. His continued association with the Labour Party is damaging the reputation of the Labour Party. Just a few weeks ago it was announced his 'immunity' to actions taken during his premiership is being reviewed and, if lifted, the lack of immunity could lead to him being charged with war crimes. Labour does not need people like Tony Blair. He is reportedly worth over £60 million from deals with dictators like Gaddafi and Nursultan Nazarbayev (Dictator-President of Kazakhstan), to whom he offered advice on how to spin the Kazakh Massacre of 2011 which saw over 14 trade unionists killed by the Government who were striking against unpaid wages and payments. Tony Blair has repeatedly shown why we should not dignify him with membership of the Labour Party. He needs to be expelled from the Labour Party and be investigated for war crimes. I call on the Leadership of the Labour Party to remove Tony Blair from Labour Membership and call for investigations into his alleged war crimes. We can investigate Middle Eastern people and African people for war crimes, but we can't investigate the war crimes of western leaders, who have committed war crimes? Nonsense! 

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