Jeremy Corbyn MP must apologise to the Venezuelan people for backing the Maduro regime

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Socialist Venezuela is teetering on the edge of both total economic collapse and outright dictatorship. The economy has contracted by a third since 2014, and is projected to shrink by another 12% this year. Inflation stands at over 700% and basic shortages are common. 

Meanwhile the Government has arrested two key opposition leaders, and at least 125 people taking part in street protests have been killed since early April. 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a longstanding supporter of Venezuela's authoritarian socialist regime, under both President Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez. In 2014 Corbyn offered his 'congratulations' to Maduro on Venezuelan state TV and in June 2015 stated the Venezuelan regime's record was 'a cause for celebration'. Previously he welcomed Hugo Chavez to the UK and gave him a generous tribute following his death in 2013. 

Considering the widespread economic suffering and political persecution taking place Corbyn should formally apologise to the people of Venezuela for his historic support of Maduro and Hugo Chavez, and demand the immediate release of imprisoned opposition leaders. 

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