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Help us to remove the RSPCA's and the polices right to remove animals without proof

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My name is Lauren and my beautiful puppy's name is daisy, they removed her based on a lie without proof! I became suicidal and attempted suicide because of what they have done! I'm fighting to prove me and my partner both did nothing wrong although it won't take much because they have no proof at all obviously because it's untrue. Someone made a lie (I have a suspicion it was an officer who assaulted my partner for no reason) because just before the complaint was made to RSPCA, I made a complaint against this police officer involved the same police officer who came with the rspca. 

She is the reason I'm alive, she was like my daughter, she was happy, always had food, water, love, a happy home and everything a pup needs! They ruined my life! Because when I'm found innocent it is still a slim chance of getting her back! The rspca bullied me and tried to twist my words when they even tho I was backed into a corner of the room sitting on the floor crying... they bullied me and made me feel like a criminal even tho all that happened is she fell down a ditch when on a walk. They tried to make out me and my partner did it. I mean anyone who knows me knows if I could choose between humans or animals I'd choose animals easy, how could they do this to me! 


Please help me  not just for me but for everyone else that's had this happen to them! 


Thank you 

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