Campaign to keep Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

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It has been generally agreed that there are two primary reasons why we lost this General Election - Jeremy Corbyn's lack of popularity with voters and our Brexit policy.

1. Our Brexit policy was perceived to be undemocratic by those who voted to leave the EU in 2016, as well as many who voted Remain. It cast us as the party of the metropolitan elite who would not listen to and looked down upon people who voted leave. Hence why almost all the seats Labour lost voted Leave in 2016.

2. In regards to Corbyn's popularity, he is unpopular because the establishment have spent four years smearing him. They smear him because they fear him. Never in political history has a Labour leader been faced with such a campaign of hate from the establishment. Eminent polling expert John Curtice, also stated that one of the reasons Jeremy Corbyn was unpopular was because of our flawed Brexit position.

We might not understand why Jeremy Corbyn would want to stay on given the forces being pitted against him, but we should not judge Jeremy Corbyn by our own levels of resilience.

This man has been pushing back against the establishment tide his whole life. There will be no quiet life of retirement for Jeremy Corbyn after the leadership. He will either carry on fighting the establishment in small halls and at rallies up and down the country, or he will do it from a larger platform in the Labour Party. Yes the man has been bullied, but he's fought against bullies his whole life. We should fight against them too.

If Jeremy Corbyn stands down now they will know project smear works. They know it will eventually drive the membership to crave a new leader who will get an easier ride from the establishment.. Someone like Blair for instance.

The only way to ensure a future leader gets an easy ride from the establishment is to vote for a leader who gives the establishment an easy ride. In four years Jeremy Corbyn has changed the narrative on austerity. He was also leader when Labour gained the biggest swing in vote share since 1945. Before we went wrong on Brexit.

In all likelihood, given the Tories large majority, there will not be another General Election until 2024. Any leader we choose who is worth having and threatens the establishment in the way Jeremy Corbyn did, will face four years of smearing as Jeremy Corbyn has done and will end up equally toxic with many voters. The less time between a new leader being chosen and a General Election, the better. 

In regards to our Brexit policy, Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly warned us against supporting a referendum. He was on the right side of History yet again. Several MPs who have already thrown their hats into the ring, have failed to acknowledge the role their own push for Remain has played in the defeat. To deny this fact means they either lack judgement or integrity. In a few more years we might have more and better choices for leader than we are currently being offered. It would be a bitter irony to replace the leader who called it right with one who got it catastrophically wrong.

So let's stand up to the bullying establishment and refuse to play their games. If Jeremy Corbyn wants to stay on as leader, we would support him 100%.