Allow Free Passage for Julian Assange

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It has been stated in the media that the Ecuadoran foreign office may be close to removing Julian Assange’s status of asylum, which would force him to leave the embassy and he would be arrested by British authorities. The British Government has maintained that Assange is to face criminal charges, although it is increasingly unclear what charges he would be facing given that the charges against him that were laid in another country have been dropped. Being the foremost source of information on what our governments do in our name that are against laws, human rights, common decency and ethics. The founder of Wikileaks has committed no crime. He is simply providing all of us the truth.


We ask that you present to parliament a resolution to drop all charges and allow Julian Assange free passage to a country or embassy that is sympathetic to his plight. There is little doubt that he would not receive a fair trial in England should he face court proceedings, and the same of other countries that have leveled charges against him such as the United States.

It is important to note that freedom of the press is under attack, and so is journalistic integrity, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights under the guise of the right to state secrets and state security. Already international courts, and the UN have determined that forcing Assange to comply is against international law, as per the The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. The Working Group was established by resolution in 1991 by the former Commission on Human Rights. It is one of the thematic special procedures overseen by the United Nations Human Rights Council and is therefore a subsidiary body of the UN.  Their ruling:

The British government either supports and complies with international law or it’s participation in international courts is a sham.


Please support the freedom of the press. Please support the right to asylum. Please support the decision of this UN body.