Save MO Libraries!

Save MO Libraries!

March 16, 2015
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State Senator Ryan Silvey and
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The Governor has released the 6 million dollars in state aid to Missouri Libraries but has recommended the same budget cuts next year! The MO Legislature is currently debating the bill and may take his recommendations! This could cause cutbacks to library collections, services and staff that will be felt by citizens all across the state. Some library locations may have to restrict hours or close entirely.  

During the unrest following the death of Michael Brown, the Ferguson Public Library offered a place of solace, congregation and learning, a role that was recognized in Gov. Nixon's own State of the State address.

Take action and tell the state legislators to restore library funding. We cannot afford to shortchange these vital institutions.

This is what libraries offer:

  • Access to the Internet for everyone
  • Job & Career help
  • Early Literacy programming for children and families
  • Free & open community gathering spaces
  • Books, movies, music and more for personal enjoyment and lifelong learning
  • And so, so much more...

Let the legislators below know how much you care about libraries! This is a non-partisan issue! These people have the power to make sure all of our $6 million in MO Library funding is returned!

MO House/Senate Budget Conference Committee
Kurt Schaefer, 19th
Ryan Silvey, 17th
Dan Brown, 16th
S. Kiki Curls, 9th
Gina Walsh, 13th

Ross, Robert, Chair
Tom Flanigan
Scott Fitzpatrick
Jeremy LaFaver
Gail McCann Beatty


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This petition had 5,083 supporters

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