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Keep $70 million TCC Funds in SW Fresno!

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Over the decades, the residents of South West Fresno have purposefully been neglected by Fresno City Hall. This neglect has resulted in catastrophic health disparities that has left residents in a continuous health crisis. Currently, residents in South West Fresno suffer from a 20 year life expectancy difference from residents in North East Fresno. Heavy environmental polluters and staggering poverty directly contribute to the health crisis that residents suffer from daily. The Transformative Climate Communities Program and the $70 million that was awarded to South West Fresno will literally save lives (

This petition is simple. We are demanding that the original language and reason for Fresno being awarded $70 million remains as stated in the third revision of the Draft Scoping Guidelines: Transformative Climate Communities Program. On page 4, under the header "Focus On Most Disadvantaged Communities", it states:

"The Program is focused on investing in the communities in our state that are the most overburdened by environmental, socioeconomic and health inequities. These communities have been identified as those with a majority of Census Tracts that fall within the top 5% of disadvantaged communities, as defined by the California Environmental Protection Agency".

"Communities defined as 'disadvantaged' generally have high populations of people with low-incomes and high concentrations of sources of pollution. Residents of these types of communities commonly experience elevated rates of health problems, as well as socioeconomic and environmental vulnerability. Many of these challenges are the result of a history of inequitable land use and zoning policies, underinvestment and lack of meaningful engagement with community residents in planning and policy."

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