Keep Residential lots on 49th zoned as Residential!

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  The parish council meets on September 21st at 10 a.m. to decide if docket #’s ES-65-16-PF, ELUZ-22-16, and CPZ-23-16 should pass. If they approve this, residential lots will turn to light commercial office zoning for Dr. Haydel at 1100 N. Causeway. Please sign this petition to let your voice be heard. KEEP RESIDENTIAL AREAS ZONED AS RESIDENTIAL. Otherwise, there could be unintended consequences to the vitality and health of the neighborhood. 1.     This will EXPAND the capacity of the business. Despite his initiative for a modest Causeway facing parking lot, there will be MORE cars than ever before. With 8-10 people currently on staff, the parking lot will not be able to accommodate both his expanded clientele and perhaps expanded staff. There will be more traffic, more cars, and even more strangers walking through the neighborhood. 2.     The business owner has threatened to sell his commercial lots and that means a bar or a restaurant could move in. That’s true. None of us want that. That said, ONE LOT IS DIFFERENT THAN 5 LOTS TOGETHER. 3.     If the rezoning is granted, how much control will we have over future use? If he sells, can 4 businesses chop up this building and would this parking lot handle the capacity of four offices? 4.     What if this business owner (or some future business owner) decides to also EXPAND his/her business hours? 5.     The business owner has called this a beautification project. Planting trees and shrubs are not adequate to change the aesthetic of a two story OFFICE BUILDING. Fire escape stairs? Overfilled tipper carts that can't sustain an entire office building? Is this aesthetically charming? 6.     Finally, even if you are not on a directly affected street, it should still matter to you. This sets a precedent. If this business owner can eat up residential lots for his business, why couldn’t others? Let’s work together as a community. Let’s applaud local business owners and we should want them to succeed. As a community team, business owners should respect the status of residential lots and operate their businesses at the perimeter of the neighborhood. Please join the local association to ask Dr. Haydel to respect the current residential status of these lots.

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