Jennifer Lopez to create a Performing Arts Program and a Studio in the Bronx

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Jennifer Lopez to create a Performing Arts Program and a Studio in the Bronx

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Ruben Germosen started this petition to Jennifer Lopez and

     Jennifer Lopez "J.Lo" is an American actress, dancer, fashion designer, perfumer, philanthropist, producer, recording artist, author, and singer writer. Lopez was born and raised in the Bronx section called CastleHill with her PuertoRican family. Since becoming very known to the world for who she is and what she's done, she has always talked about her lovely hometown '' The Bronx'' and how she started from the Block, this is how she got her name, Jenny From The Block. This song has made 54 million viewers, and one of many songs that still plays for over 13 years. Jen has always come back, and tells people about our hometown. No matter where shes at, shes always Jenny from the block. She not only donated money to the Montefiore Medical Center for the kids in the Bronx, but she made her first Bronx Concert which was a sell out for over 25,000 fans at Orchard Beach. Shes is always happy to be home and this was something she had to do for her fans here at her hometown.

 As a big fan of JLo, People and residence of the Bronx always asked me she should give back more. I asked them back if they had one wish from Jen what would it be. Most of them said built a building, a community center, something that stands out and we can appreciate this for the rest of our lives.

This is what hit me a lot. I didn't know how to start off, but i'm very confident I can ask her and help her with anything she needs to make this happen.

With your help and support we can get a JLo Studio and a program in no time... We just have to do this and do this right....

The Idea of the JLO PROGRAM & Studio

      The JLo Program is a program where kids, and young adults have the experience of being a performer. This will be a big opportunity for auditions, and competitions. Kids & Adults from the Bronx will get the feeling of competing not only to win but to have fun with it. This program will help these kids and people set goals for there dreams of becoming a performer, and teaching there skills to others. This Program will be super successful and might just head to the road and expand nationwide. The Program will be fun for kids that don't have nothing to do at home. 

The Idea of the JLO Studio

      The Jennifer Lopez studio will be used to public. We want to make this studio to be cheap when renting on a dance studio room, recording studio room , or using these studio rooms in general. With the money we make, it will go to the JLO program, so cost of traveling wont be a problem at all.

The whole idea is to help people follow there dreams, like what Jennifer Lopez did herself. This not only will be so successful, but it will be something big that Jen has ever done..... except not the concert but this will have people really change there side of her, and the way she has gave back....

Please help and support 

Thank you sooo much 

- Ruben Germosen


 We would love if KipsBay Boys and Girls Club, and many organizations and commmunity centers get involved, making this happen



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This petition had 132 supporters