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Jennifer Lopez: Completely Stop Making Animal Fur Clothes!

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Jennifer Lopez, all I ask you to do is to please stop wearing fur or making fur-based clothes. It's not beautiful to wear dead animal skins as fashion and it would be great if the rest of the fashion industry would know as well. If you would at least stop making your products with animal fur, that would be enough to send out a positive message about how it's not okay to make clothes out of animals!

Why is there a need to wear animal fur? We should stop this! It's inhumane to have to kill poor defenseless animals just for their fur. We should just have them completely banned from the fashion industry or at least make a movement to stop skinning animals. 

[VIDEO] Bloody Harvest: The Real Cost of Fur [WARNING: May be disturbing]

Animals are beautiful creatures and it's sickening to think that some people think it's absolutely beautiful to wear another species on them to look "beautiful". We should end this. It's not fair to kill these animals for the enjoyment of other people.

Please participate and sign this petition to help save these animals! Will you join us?

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