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Australian designer Jennifer Kate has been selling rabbit fur from Chinese fur farms - a country with virtually no animal protection laws. Where animals throats are slit, where animals are skinned alive, or electrocuted anally or vaginally

She claims that they are farmed ethically and her furs are by products. We all know that there is NO such thing as ethically farmed or by product fur.

Letter to
Jennifer Kate Jen McCloy
Jennifer Kate Jessica Champion
Jennifer Kate Tania Debono
I recently came across your clothing collection and noticed that it includes rabbit fur from Chinese fur farms - a country with virtually no animal protection laws.

Each year over 50 million animals are slaughtered worldwide for their fur. Enduring the cramped conditions of their farmed life, they know nothing of a true existence and are then murdered in horrific ways. Animals are skinned alive, left to bleed out fully conscious, beaten to death, anally and vaginally electrocuted; the list goes on.

Not only this but recent shipments of fur to Australia, used by Australian designers, has been found to contain that of cat and dog fur – the fur you are selling may very well contain the hair of man’s best friend. We ask you to consider the message you are sending to your buyers and what it is you are overlooking.

In order to further your understanding and knowledge of this trade, please watch this undercover footage supplied by PETA showing the truth behind the fur industry: http://youtube/k87wTVwGz0g and

By selling, condoning and promoting fur you are undeniably supporting this severe form of animal violence.

I urge you to reconsider the use of fur in your designs.

For more information on the horrors of rabbit farming please go to

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