Amend WPS Bullying Policy

Amend WPS Bullying Policy

July 1, 2020
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Jennifer Curtis-Whipple
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Started by Scarlett Lace


I was born and raised in Weymouth. My daughters as well. The town is changing with the times, but not in the way I expected. Let's focus on the issue at hand though.....No child should have to be afraid to go to school. There used to be clear cut consequences in school, especially concerning fighting and violence...It was a minimum 1 week suspension. And everyone knew it. Nowadays it is left open to interpretation case by case. This leaves room for bullies to spin their own narrative to reduce their punishment. Faculty can determine consequences as THEY see fit not as the rules dictate.

My daughter had a bully. After months of threats of violence and physical and emotional harassment.  And repeated attempts to have the school handle the issue, this girl and her friends cornered my daughter to instigate a fight. In an area of school grounds which was required to be supervised at that time. My daughter, not wanting to miss out on an upcoming school activity, refused to fight her and was eventually assaulted. She managed to get away but the entire incident was put on social media. When i found out I informed the school and was told both my daughter and her bully were being placed on a "safety removal" until the issue is investigated...They met with me and the other parent separately. It was determined my daughter did nothing wrong...Obviously. And was allowed to return the next day missing only 1 day, for doing nothing. The bully returned the day after that. She was suspended for 1 day for harassing, threatening, and assaulting my daughter..Other instances she has even had teachers laugh along with her bullies.

This is clearly unacceptable and needs to change. Whatever happened to "Zero-Tolerance". As parents, we are responsible for our children's behavior. And it is time to hold bullies and their parents accountable before another child tragically takes their own life. That seems to be the only time it is taken seriously. 

The amendment I propose to Weymouth Public Schools Bullying Policy is this.

1. There needs to be clear cut and unwavering consequences for bullying. Zero Tolerance as it should be. These consequences need to be appropriate and the same across the board for all bullying. Determined by the Mayor's office, WPS administration and teachers, Parent Council, WPD, And a body of student representatives in a joint effort.

2. Those found in violation of the bullying policy will be required to participate in Anger Management and Sensitivity Training to continue attending WPS. To be paid for by the parent/guardian of the offender. (If it is coming out of their own pocket they may reconsider how they discipline their children).

3. As an additional consequence, community service. This however I feel can be on a case to case basis determined by WPD School Resource Officer.

I've spoken with so many different parents I've lost count. But the majority feel that this is a serious problem. And their kids' stories of being bullied in Weymouth are Horrid....Makes me scared to send my kids or anyone's kids into an environment like that. ...Please help me enact some real change in our town. I simply want our children to feel and be safe....

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

                                                     ......Scarlett Lace


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Signatures: 91Next Goal: 100
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