Disciplinary Action against Tom Watson

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Dear General Secretary,

We would like to raise a complaint against the Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson. We are concerned he has written a letter, signed by some Labour MPs, demanding that Jeremy Corbyn removes the Labour whip from Chris Williamson, following his formal warning. It is wholly inappropriate for MPs to intervene in Labour’s disciplinary process, as ironically many have themselves stated in the past.

We note the political affiliation of the signatories of the letter and all appear to come from the “centrist” Blairite faction of the party. We cannot help but feel their letter is politically motivated, and their true intention is not to stand against the alleged antisemitism of Chris Williamson, but rather to bring down a Jeremy Corbyn ally, and then bring down our twice democratically elected leader himself.

It is our belief the Labour grassroots are firmly behind both Williamson and Corbyn, and we find it exhausting to see a fourth coup attempt. We therefore demand action is taken against Tom Watson. We’d like an investigation into Watson’s interference in Labour’s disciplinary process, and his past behaviour of undermining party policy and actively opposing the leadership.

We firmly believe Tom Watson is doing everything he can to prevent a Labour government with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm, and that if he cannot get his way, he would rather tear the Labour Party apart, than concede defeat and unite the party. This is intolerable.