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Stop discriminating against Transgender people at your Kingdom Halls!

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Jehovah's Witnesses claim that "all are welcome" at their Kingdom Halls. However if you are a known transgendered person you are not allowed to use the restroom of either gender or you are forced to use the restroom of your "former" gender no matter what you look like or what your identification may say. This is blatant discrimination and they are allowed to get away with it because governments do not want to interfere!  No one should have the right to deny this most basic of civil rights! 
Also if you are a practicing Witness and are transgendered and you "come out" and try to transition, for any reason medical or otherwise, you are put out and all your family and friends will have nothing to do with you.  The only way you will be allowed to back is if you denounce your identity and dress and act as you are told. This has caused severe depression for many and some to ever attempt suicide.

All this from an organization that claims to be "following in the footsteps of the Christ" and have love for everyone. This should not be allowed to happen.

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