Bring back Father of the Pride with new episodes

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People should sign this petition because everyone misses Father of the Pride, the animated show that used to be on NBC. And if it still cannot air on NBC, then at least air in on Adult Swim or FOX.

The reason why I started this is because I miss the show so much, I thought I should create this petition to get people to sign it so maybe DreamWorks will consider it and bring back Father of the Pride.

So all you need to do is contact DreamWorks and Jeffrey Katzenberg and ask them to bring back Father of the Pride with new episodes and seasons. As well, please ask them to also bring back Hunter as a cub as he always was and voiced by a Daryl Sabara sound-a-like (since Sabara is now an adult).

UPDATE: Following Carl Reiner's death, please ask them to use pre-recorded material of his voice to fit episode storylines.