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Let Psychiatric Survivors Speak for Themselves!

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We call upon the CBS TV show, "60 Minutes" to interview psychiatric survivors who are surviving the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs and forced electroshock and who are using non-medical model approaches for healing.

The CBS TV news show, "60 Minutes" segment "Untreated Mental Illness an Imminent Danger" (aired on September 29th) shamefully portrayed a one-sided view of people with psychiatric histories as violent, inhuman, unworthy of compassion and incapable of making their own decisions. They offered one point of view from E.Fuller Torrey, whose solution is more forced treatment and a life sentence of psychiatric institutionalization and incarceration.

We find this an unacceptable bias in favor of forced drugging and institutionalization that minimizes self-determination and autonomous power of individuals who deserve the freedom to pursue alternatives as they see fit.

The segment deceived the viewing public with irresponsible journalism because CBS did not offer another viewpoint. Viewers could have learned that psychiatric survivors can and do speak about their own experiences.

Mindfreedom International fights for human rights and alternatives to mental health treatment and promotes non-violent change in the mental health system. We join with our supporters, allies, and other psychiatric survivor organizations in requesting that CBS' 60 Minutes produce and air a segment with accurate information and alternative perspectives.

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