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Reinstate Michael Griffin


Holy Ghost Preparatory School teacher Michael Griffin was fired on 6 December after seeking a marriage licence so he could lawfully wed his long-time partner. After 12 years of employment, he was terminated by his Alma Mater because his contract stated that he must follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as a condition of his employment. The school felt his decision to seek to marry the person he loves is in violation of the Church's teachings. Pope Francis said "if a homosexual person is of good will and is in search of God, I am no one to judge." And yet teachers at Holy Ghost have gotten divorced and remarried during their tenures: How does the Administration not find these actions in conflict with the Church's teachings? It is obvious that the Administration is selectively interpreting the Church's positions on marriage so as to discriminate against homosexuals.

Holy Ghost should reinstate Michael Griffin immediately. Mr Griffin has said that he does not wish to return to Holy Ghost after how he was treated, however it is and should be his decision to reject or accept an offer of employment--not have his employment status dictated by a discriminatory contract. At a minimum, the school owes him an apology for their bigotry and discrimination. In today's era of growing acceptance and tolerance, such obvious discrimination is unacceptable. 

Support an end to this type of bigotry by contacting your Representatives and urging them to support the Employee Non-Discrimination Act which would outlaw firing or hiring decisions based on sexual orientation. 

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