Max Sentencing in the Death of Abby Douglas

Max Sentencing in the Death of Abby Douglas

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Katie Phillips started this petition to Jefferson Parish and

On October 22, Wendell Lachney chose to drink, get high, and drive his vehicle. This resulted in a rear-end crash that took the life of 9 year old Abby Douglas.

The next morning, while Abby remained on life support, Wendell Lachney was allowed to bail out of jail, and checked himself into a rehabilitation facility in an effort to avoid the impending vehicular homicide charge.

On Monday, November 1, the courts revoked Wendell Lachney's bail and removed him from the rehabilitation facility, where he intended to remain as long as possible. Subsequently, a new bail was set at $1 million dollars, and a protection order was filed for the Douglas Family regarding an incident that occurred at their home as a result.

We are thankful that Jefferson Parish heard the thousands of cries, pleas, and petitions of the community surrounding the Douglas Family, and brought the first wave of justice to Wendell Lachney in this horrific crime. However, the story is far from over.

We are now petitioning the District Attorney of Jefferson Parish, Paul Connick, Jr, to seek the maximum sentence for Wendell Lachney, and not accept any lesser sentence in favor of a conviction. Anything less than maximum sentencing is not justice for the beautiful 9 year old's life. Her future was stolen, her family is devastated, and a community is hurting. Any claims of "poor health" to avoid jail time is nothing compared to the vivacious, healthy young child that was his victim.

In the bail hearing, more details of the crime were revealed:

- Wendell Lachney has 2 prior DUI convictions

- Wendell Lachney spent the 4 hours prior to the crash drinking and smoking marijuana

- 53 grams of marijuana were found in his vehicle after the crash, along with various open whiskey, wine, and beer bottles

- He intentionally got behind the wheel at 0.22% BAC, almost 4 times the legal limit, and crashed into the Douglas vehicle driving close to 75 mph while Abby and her mother were sitting at a red light.

- He then fled the parish after the bond, with intention to use the law as a loophole to avoid further charges as long as possible.

- The judge presiding over the second bail hearing said Lachney showed "no remorse" for his wrongdoing.

Jefferson Parish, you heard our cries once before. Sentence Wendell Lachney to the maximum sentence for his crimes. His behavior prior to the crash and immediately after prove this was no accident, but a willful choice of a grown man who knew the possibilities of the consequences of his actions, and chose those actions anyway.

No sentencing is truly equal to the life of Abby Douglas being taken, but this man should not be in the community as he is proven to be a danger and has no remorse. Abby Douglas deserved more, and Wendell Lachney deserves the punishment due.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!