Stop home construction in the Rooney Valley area

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For over 60 years Bandimere Speedway has been a home to those of us that have a passion for the sport of drag racing, the Lennar corporation recently  announced plans to develop 350 acres of land adjacent to the speedway into 1200 single family homes. This would be a deadly blow to a Colorado institution ending an era that has brought families together, kept kids safe by giving them a safe place to race away from the streets, has provided tax revenue to the city’s of Lakewood and Morrison.

The Rooney valley is truly wonderful the way it is now and future development would only serve to destroy one of the last open spaces in the Denver metro area and only serve to increase congestion and delays in an area where the infrastructure can not support it, I hope that the community can see that development in this area is not needed and saving some open space for future generations is more important than the Lennar corporation making more money