Styrofoam Student Trays Should Be Banned

Styrofoam Student Trays Should Be Banned

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     Styrofoam(A.K.A. Polystyrene) is a disease that is slowly taking over the world. It is harming plants, animals, and even humans. We are the 5th graders of Mr Sorency's class at South Lakewood Elementry and we want to stop the use of polystyrene in our school cafeterias. We think this change will be a great start to stopping Styrofoam entirely. In our school South Lakewood Elementary located in Lakewood Colorado they serve our food on Styrofoam trays! The Styrofoam trays account for 60% of our daily trash at South Lakewood Elementary. That's about 8 big trash bags full of just polystyrene.

     When you drink out of a Styrofoam cup you take little doses of toxic chemicals and these chemicals can give you everything from a common cold to cancer such as Leukemia. Styrofoam is also very irritating to the skin and eyes if you are around it to much at school or work you could get serious coughing and/or eye disease. Styrofoam can also cause other symptoms like drowsiness, hopelessness, and depression. As students at SLE, we are eating up to 2 meals per day often times 5 days a week off of this. Hot foods are the worst because they let the chemicals leach into the food easier and we are eating hot pizza off of Styrofoam!

     After lunch, we throw our trays away and they go to local landfills. These landfills are about 1/4 or 25% filled with just Styrofoam even though only 0.01% of the average person's daily trash is Styrofoam. 50% of the trash at SLE is styrofoam. If the trays somehow don't make it into the landfill chances are the Styrofoam go into the oceans, waterways, bays, and urban cities.

     The Great Pacific garbage patch is also known as trash island and 21% of it is just Polystyrene. The Great Pacific garbage patch is now twice the size of Texas and once again 21% is just Polystyrene. Not to mention that in landfills it takes Styrofoam 5 to 10,000 CENTURIES to decompose and longer in the ocean with all the more risk that animals will eat it. When animals eat it the little pieces clog their small intestine and long story short they starve to death.

     You might argue that if you recycle Polystyrene it will be reused but no matter what it says on the tray or cup or whatever it is only legal to recycle Styrofoam in 4 states: Indiana, Massachusetts, California, Washington, and even then you can't actually recycle it. The Styrofoam still gets thrown into landfills for a million years.

      In conclusion, we think you should at least consider this and help us save our environment, our animals, and even yourself and others. You can do this by signing our petition. Thank You! SLE