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Request UN Investigation into Democratic Primary Election

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Repeated irregularities have occurred in the Democratic Primary, including purging of Senator Sanders supporters from the registry of democratic voters in many states including Arizona, California, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, and including exit polls that show Sanders as with a significantly higher percentage of  votes than revealed by actual poll results in a number of states, including Massachusetts, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Montana and Florida. Without full confidence that any investigation operated by an internal body of the US will be above corruption, we seek the submission of a request to the UN for an investigation into possible election suppression and election fraud in the continuing Democratic Primary. 

A rigged or stolen election undermines US democracy, the very foundational concept upon with US government has been build. We the US people are left without any true voice or power in the choosing of our leaders or the direction of governmental policy. This is unacceptable. Being as election fraud reveals corruption within the government, a third-party investigation is required.

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