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Petitioning Jeff Simpson, CEO of KSL

Stop censoring tv with gay families

KSL's decision not to air the new show 'The New Normal,' because Utah viewers might be “offended” by gay parents is insulting and a disgrace to our state.

I was raised by very amazing gay parents. They work hard, and have always loved and supported me. They are good people, just as you might view yourself to be. They have been together for seventeen years and our family is built on the same love that every other family is.

I was raised to have morals and values, and to never judge someone else. From my earliest memories, I was taught never to hate or even dislike anyone else no matter what their religion, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, political views or favorite color. But those same values are not being shown by KSL, and my family and friends can't even relax at the end of the day, watching a TV show about people similar to them as a straight family would be able to.

A TV show seems like such a small thing, but the act of censoring it simply because you think that families like mine are too offensive to our neighbors is hurtful and demeaning. We are people just like you, and your decision sends the message that our very existence is unworthy of the most basic human recognition.

Utah is far more accepting than you are telling the world we are, and your attitude does not reflect our values, culture, morals or faith.

It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, black or white, we are all human. By censoring minorities, you are setting a dangerous precedent that anyone who is different from you is unworthy, unclean or somehow lacking as a person.

We deserve better, my family is just as beautiful as anyone else's, and we demand you immediately reverse your decision and air 'The New Normal.'

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