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Protect the Citizenship of DREAMers (DACA recipients)

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As a public school teacher, I was grateful for the DREAM Act because some of my top students were relieved of the stress and anxiety of illegal status and given a pathway to citizenship and a future. Most had to scrape together time and money to work with lawyers and consultants to complete the process. They had to go through interviews and screening and void the agreement if they are convicted of a serious crime.

When I heard the Act was likely to be reversed, I was immediately worried about the 20 or so students from my classroom over the years that made all these strides to progress their lives without stress and anxiety. But there are nearly 800,000 of them in total. I want all of them to know that many Americans know their plight and support their right to remain citizens whether the DREAM Act is reversed or not. 

DACA will undoubtedly be signed out of law by the current administration; however, those that already completed the process are in limbo. Nearly 800,000 children who pursued citizenship as a 16 year old or younger, advocating for themselves, raising the money and finding the time and transportation by themselves, because America offered them a promise. A promise to become a citizen and contribute legally to America's worth and beauty. These kids went on to take out loans and pursue college degrees, buy homes, buy cars, etc. Nearly 800,000 law abiding citizens. Nearly 800,000 positively contributing members of society, now are afraid. Why would we turn our backs on them? Don't be naïve; this is fair, not partisan.

Simply sign the petition to protect the nearly 800,000 DREAMers that have completed the process. 

Nearly 800,000 kids educated in American Public Schools funded with American tax dollars are now fine, upstanding young men and women who were able to progress their American lives forward without the stress and anxiety of illegally being here.


I urge you to protect the agreement made with these fine men and women of America who currently contribute to our economy and safety; they deserve our support and America benefits from their continued citizenship. 

Please protect the DREAMers!

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