Install a 4-way stop sign at 94th and Wilson Blvd.

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I am advocating for a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of 94th Street and Wilson Blvd., in Wauwatosa.  Currently, the intersection is completely uncontrolled.

Especially during the school year, cars from outside our neighborhood frequently travel either south on 94th Street or west on Wilson Boulevard to avoid the bottleneck of traffic moving south on Swan (92nd Street).

These drivers, by and large: (1) speed through the neighborhood; and (2) assume that, if they don't have a stop sign at the intersection, then the other direction must have one.

The first point is very problematic because we have 18 children just on the 94th block between Ridge and Wilson alone, with many more children in the surrounding area.  The speed of these cars is very dangerous to our children.

The second point is also problematic because we have witnessed several accidents (or near accidents) due to drivers failing to recognize that the intersection is completely uncontrolled.

Additional stop signs will assist in reducing the speed of vehicles as they travel through our neighborhood, which will keep our kids safer.  The stop signs will also eliminate the faulty assumptions made by drivers, which will keep them safer, too.

There is a similar 4-way stop sign at the intersection of 96th and Wilson, which seems to be working very well.

Please sign the petition and share with others who are concerned about child and community safety.  Thank you.

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