Ban Fur Farming in Ontario, Canada

Petition to: Jeff Leal  (the Ontario minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)

Please stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of fur bearing animals and enact a province-wide ban on fur farming in Ontario.

We demand a ban on fur farming be enacted for the following reasons:

A poll conducted by Environics (2015) showed that 92% of Canadians are in favour of better animal protection laws.  Another poll conducted by Humane Society International (2014) showed 68% of Canadians support a ban on fur farming. 

Confining and killing animals such as fox, mink, chinchilla, and rabbit for an unnecessary luxury item like fur is unethical and cruel.  Many Canadian retailers have fur free policies in place and refuse to sell fur. Many prominent clothing designers also refuse to use fur in their clothing lines.

Numerous countries and regions recognize fur farms cannot meet the basic needs of animals and have already passed bans on fur farming and/or bans on the import of fur.

Animals such as mink and fox cannot be domesticated on fur farms where they are bred for pelt traits and not traits of domestication.  These undomesticated animals are restricted from performing natural behaviours (like swimming and interacting with a sand/earthen floor).  They are subject to long periods of inactivity and lack of stimulation leading to frustration, stress, and stereotypical (abnormal repetitive) behaviour such as pacing, cage biting, self-mutilation, physical deformities (bent feet), and high levels of infant mortality.

Fur farm killing methods such as anal electrocution are still currently in use and are not humane.

Photo Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur/Montreal SPCA

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  • Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
    Jeff Leal

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