Make a Diary of a Wimpy Kid College Movie

Make a Diary of a Wimpy Kid College Movie

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Jeff Kinney

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Started by Greg Heffley

Diary of a Wimpy Kid shaped an entire generation. Since 2007 we have followed Greg through the ups and downs of girls, cheese touches, and Fregley's scabs. We found comfort in Greg's misgivings and reminisce on the impact the books and original movie series had on us. 

Now 15 years later as we face the challenges of life, we need Greg more than ever to come back to the big screen and bring us the comfort of watching him struggle through "real life".

The possibilities are endless Greg exploring relationships, him most definitely being jealous of Rowley being the biggest catch, working part-time at McDonald's, all while suffering through the pain and confusion college has to offer. Or him coming home and dealing with Manny being everything Greg wishes he was back in middle/high school, Fregley being a self-made CEO of a fortune 500,  Rodrick working as a manager of a Starbucks as he continues to front Loded Diaper, and Susan and Frank with their top tier parenting. 

Luckily, the beloved original cast has also grown with us and is now at the perfect age to portray Greg and the amazing cast of characters to truly bring this story to life.

In a time where entertainment is obsessed with giving us reboots, give us one that we actually care about. 

Please Jeff Kinney give us Greg in college.

14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!