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Make a Bunnings employee skin for Junkrat with Bunnings Snag Launcher

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We're proud of our sausage sizzles in Australia and we thought, Junkrat being a fine bloke that he is, would know our Aussie weekend tradition. We're not talking about riding kangaroos to work, or avoiding those nasty dropbears by spreading Vegemite behind our ears. We're talking having a Bunnings snag in the arvo on a weekend, mate. Not some dodgy "Outback Steakhouse" marketing ripoff like having "shrimp" on the barbie (true blue strayans all let us cringe at this phrase, for the proper term is "prawn").

If you don't know what a snag is, it's what we Aussies call "sausages", these bangers are bloody cheap and delicious. We reckon you've never been to Straya until you've had a Bunnings snag with a can of soft drink. We reckon also you should never skimp out on those grilled onions, we're not mucking around here, this is some serious good shit.

Alrighty, what's the deal with Bunnings snags you might ask? Well, come to Straya and give it a try, if not the next best thing is to give Junkrat a fair dinkum Aussie skin. So, what do you say Jeff? Can you please get your dev team to stop bludging and make a truly LEGENDARY skin to represent us Aussie battlers putting in the hard yakka for our fellow team mates in game?

All we’re asking for is a skin with Junkrat as a tradie wearing the Bunnings employee outfit complete with the red shirt, green apron, boots, and tools. Also, his weapon should be a Bunnings snag launcher made from timber, screws and powered by an angle grinder. What do you reckon? We’ll pay top dollar for this skin! Don't be a bogan! Please make it happen!

Snags are tickin', they keep on Sizzlin'

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