Protect Quality of Life

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Change needs to happen to protect quality of life for citizens that live near businesses that have environmental impacts.

New regulations need to be passed to limit how close homes can be located to a business that has environmental impact. Landfills, Methane Plants, Rendering Plants, Refineries, and other business that have had lawsuits from health related issues should be included.

The laws should favor the citizens health and quality of life over profit from businesses. Air quality testing should be mandatory for any business that has emissions with a clearly defined baseline and out of range parameters. Water testing that is not from a business self reporting, and as frequently as bi monthly in some cases.

Streamline laws to favor citizens health across the board, over business profit. Have restrictions on how close homes can be, how close the business can be located from water sources. Many other safety measures for citizens health to be protected need implementation.

Require larger buffer zones. If nessicary, the company and host county and or state should negotiate greenspace with home owners so they are not left with property that is unsaleable.

No person should ever be trapped to live in a place they would never choose to due to county, state, or governmental laws that allow zoning or other actions that decrease property value and make land unsaleable.

Public access to information such as contamination, should be mandatory for businesses and or host county  to send to citizens within a designated area.

Many issues exist regarding citizens being forced to or unknowingly living next to pollutants that can devastate their quality of life. Please ask that changes to safe guard health and quality of life happen now.

Push for recycling and green space for perpetuity. Our Earth needs preservation from contamination, not rules that allow an acceptable amount of contamination .






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