Tell Amazon: Provide Paid Family Caregiving Leave for All Employees

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My name is Kate and I’m pregnant during this really scary time for all of us. Like so many others adjusting to our current reality, I depend on deliveries so that I can stay healthy, and available to care for my loved ones. It breaks my heart that those people we depend on don’t have the caregiving leave they need to take care of their own families.

Amazon employees are on the front lines of this crisis, in no small part keeping the economy going, and making sure we all have the basic goods we need at home. But, Amazon employees don’t have paid caregiving leave to care for their own families, who may be falling ill and struggling right now. 

Jeff Bezos must take action to meet Amazon employees’ need for paid caregiving leave so they can take care of their families and practice the social distancing needed to curb the spread of this virus. 

No one should have to choose between a paycheck and taking care of their family. Every working person should be able to stay home when their family needs them without risk of losing a paycheck.

Join me and demand paid family caregiving leave and for every single Amazon employee.