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Change the status of Choreography on IMDB from OTHER CREW to CHOREOGRAPHY DEPT.


On the popular database (owned as subsidiary of 99% of all Choreographers, Associate Choreographers, Assistant Choreographers and Supervising Choreographers are at the bottom of the list of credits under "Other Crew". For over 26 years it has deserved its own status..."CHOREOGRAPHY DEPT." (owned by has dismissed the value of choreography for any and all Musicals, Films, and TV shows that contain choreography in the final media product. 

"Chicago", "Dirty Dancing", "Grease", "High School Musical 3" and "Saturday Night Fever" have grossed over 1 billion dollars. That's just 5 movies that wouldn't have achieved the same iconic status without Choreographers creating dancing to either move a scene forward or WOW world wide audiences to its feet. 

Its time to recognize CHOREOGRAPHERS for their achievements. They should be acknowledged and respected at the same level as any other creative arts such as Direction, Costume/Wardrobe, Camera work, Hair/Make-Up, Music, just to name a few. You get the point.

Stand, Unite, and Represent accordingly. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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