Make Amazon Senior Discount Available To All Seniors

Make Amazon Senior Discount Available To All Seniors

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Started by Parker Marker

Only seniors that have a valid EBT Card or are on Medicaid can get the Amazon Senior Discount. All seniors deserve the Amazon Senior Discount. Students get a discount and someone who worked there whole life deserves one too. Even if a senior isn't on medicaid or food stamps doesn't mean that they aren't struggling to get by and pay their bills. 

Amazon should let all seniors get a discount!

I wrote the article about the Amazon Senior Discount and received so many comments like this:

"I think is a shame a student gets a discount. But a person that’s worked all there life maybe still working . Don’t get a discount. Waffle house gives you a discount. Discounts are one of the very few things that are good about getting older. But Amazon thinks people in school deserve discount but not the elderly . Anything wrong here?"

"You are discriminating against the seniors that live on a fixed income and are on Medicare. Most seniors are on Medicare not Medicaid. Please reconsider. Just because we don’t have an EBT card doesn’t mean we don’t struggle to survive."

"I do most of my shopping thru Amazon. Being a 69 year old senior it makes it convenient as I live up in the mountains. We as seniors have paid our dues and taxes all our life. How can you think it is fair for Amazon to give our seniors on Medicaid and EBT only a with prime rate discount membership? We as seniors all have a right to that discount! All of the seniors deserve this, we paid our dues! Shame on Amazon!"

"We seniors are doing out best to get buy and remain independent, not relaying on the government. I have been an Amazon customer for years. When we become seniors why can’t or won’t you offer a discount to us? You certainly have and do make enough money to at least give us the discount on Amazon Prime without an EBT card or being on Medicare. How about it?"

15,126 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!