Jeff Bezos: Use your vast personal wealth to end homelessness overnight.

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While exact numbers cannot be easily determined, Habitat for Humanity estimated in 2015 that approximately 1.6 billion people live in 'inadequate shelter.' In 2017, there were approximately 554,000 people sleeping on the streets in the United States per night. 307,000 people slept rough per night in my home country (UK) as of 2016.

Jeff Bezos' net worth is currently somewhere in the range of 128 billion USD and is predicted to grow to somewhere in the realm of 200 billion USD by the end of 2018. Bezos could comfortably provide every single rough sleeper on the planet with 100k USD, barely denting his own personal wealth but saving millions of lives and heroically improving the conditions of vulnerable people the world over. Even a sum far lower than this would be enough to get the majority of rough sleepers into suitable accommodation, as well as providing them with the freedom and security to put their lives back on track. It could cover food, heating and electricity, clothing, education, transport costs, and healthcare including mental health support and alcohol/substance abuse recovery for those who require it.

Distributing the money directly to the individual recipients would be near impossible to achieve, but it could be allocated to homelessness charities and aid organisations of Bezos' choice who would ensure that it is put to its intended use.

Homelessness kills. If you witnessed a man drowning and were holding a flotation aid in your hand, you would throw it to him. It would be morally imperative for you to do so. It is a moral imperative that Bezos extends a compassionate arm and throws his life ring. It is the natural and human thing to do.

Mr Bezos, you have the power to become the greatest humanitarian of your generation, improving the lives of the world's most unfortunate on an unprecedented scale. I, and all those who sign this petition, implore you to do so.