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Amazon, stop using ALEXA for your Echo

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Dear Jeff Bezos, dear Amazon.

We get it. You want your Echo device to have character, so you gave it a real persons name as a wake word. You obviously didn't take into consideration that there are real people out there with the name Alexa. People that find this very irritating.

We don't want much, we only want you to remove the wake word Alexa. And please don't pick another persons real name as alternative. Stick with Echo or Amazon. Those are good names. And they are gender neutral. Giving your Echo a female name as wake word sounds a lot like you like women to do the work for others.

We know you can name your device whatever you want. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar business. And there are only so many people with the name Alexa. Goliath and David.

But please think of this: You're opening the door for Alexa's everywhere getting bullied and laughed at for sharing a name with a device that people shout commands at. Ever heard how people are talking to your Echo device? They give orders. They shout at it when it doesn't do what they ask for. They call it names. They treat it like a slave. 

No one with the name Alexa (or another real persons name for that matter) wants to be associated with a device like that. Especially not kids, especially not women of all ages.

Therefore, again, please give your Echo device a wake name that it does not share with a real person.

Thank you from all Alexa's world wide and their parents (that picked the name Alexa), their families and friends and all other people that think a machine shouldn't have a real persons first name.

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